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Lab Exercises

by Jeremy L. Gaddis

Many people will buy a CCNA study guide, learn the networking theory and concepts, and then be surprised when they fail the CCNA test. If they’ve never touched a Cisco router or switch, they shouldn’t be.

As I wrote when talking about building a home Cisco lab:

I believe, very strongly, that you need to devote some “hands on” time with real Cisco gear before you even begin to think about taking the CCNA exams.

After all, it’s very likely that you’ll be required to complete various “simlets” on the CCNA exam. Simlets are simulation exercises that require you to perform various tasks on the command-line of routers and/or switches to achieve a specific result. If you’ve never worked “touched” the command line, how can expect to complete them successfully?

That’s why I’ve created this web site and the lab exercises you’ll find here. The lab exercises are meant to test your ability to perform the various tasks. When you are able to complete the labs and achieve the desired results, you can be fairly certain that you’re in good shape for the exam.

The lab exercises below can be completed using Packet Tracer (if you’re a Cisco Network Academy student), Cisco IOU or Dynamips. If you’re lucky enough to have your own Cisco equipment, however, you should use that instead.

NOTE: Obviously, this list is just the beginning. There will be many, many more labs added here for you to work through as they are written.

The Basics