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by Jeremy L. Gaddis

So you want to get in touch with me, huh? Great, I love hearing from others!

You have several options at your disposal. The only thing I ask is that you please use the method that’s most appropriate to the situation. Assuming a reply is warranted, I’ll do my best to get back with you in no more than 24 hours or so, but please don’t be offended if it takes a bit longer (sometimes it’s necessary to do some extensive research before I reply).


If you have comments or questions about something I’ve written here, please reply in the Comments section of the appropriate article. This ensures that your remarks are visible to others viewing the same article. I’ll reply in the same area, so other visitors will get to see both sides of the conversation as well.


If you use Twitter, direct your comments to @jlgaddis to be sure that I see them. If you’re interested in what I have to say (which isn’t always related to the CCNA, Cisco, or even networking in general), feel free to follow me.

If you want to send me a direct (private) message, we’ll need to be following each other. In most cases, though, I’d rather receive an e-mail from you instead of direct messages.


Free free to e-mail me at jeremy (at) freeccnalabs (dot) com if the other methods of getting in touch with me aren’t appropriate.

E-mail Updates and Newsletter

On a similar note, I’ll soon be adding the ability for you to have new articles automatically sent to you via e-mail. You won’t have to remember to keep coming back to the website and you’ll never out on anything I write!

Related to that, be sure to sign up for my e-mail newsletter also. Once every few weeks I’ll send out a newsletter with special tips and advice that isn’t posted here. In addition, I will occasionally be giving away CCNA related training materials. You’ll need to be signed up for the newsletter in order to be eligible to win, though!

Note: I hate spam with a passion so you shouldn’t worry about me spamming you or selling your e-mail address — Scout’s honor — and I promise not to send a newsletter more than twice a month.

Updates via RSS

If you use a feed aggregator (such as Google Reader), you can subscribe to the Free CCNA Labs RSS feed to stay up-to-date. Simply copy and paste the direct URL for the primary RSS feed into your aggregator:


This website is intended to be a valuable learning resource for those preparing for certification. I love getting positive feedback and even constructive criticism is appreciated. If the articles, labs, or other information on free CCNA labs have helped you, please do consider letting me know. Your positive remarks encourage me to continue adding more articles and labs to the site.

I sincerely hope that the web site is beneficial to you and I thank you for stopping by. I wish you the best in your certification pursuits.

Jeremy L. Gaddis