Image of Jeremy L. Gaddis, CCNA, CCNP (and Cortney, in case you were wondering)

CCNA Exam Costs

by Jeremy L. Gaddis

While you can obtain study materials (such as CCNA books) fairly cheap, the CCNA exam(s) will cost you a few dollars.

Fortunately, the costs work out the same whether you take the one-exam path or the two-exam path:

  • One-exam path
    • CCNA 640-802 exam: $250 USD
  • Two-exam path
    • ICND1 640-822 exam: $125 USD
    • ICND2 640-816 exam: $125 USD

Note: These prices are valid in the United States. Pricing in other countries will likely be different.

If you are enrolled in Cisco Academy and do well enough throughout the course, you can receive vouchers that pay for the exams. Talk to your instructor for more details.

If you’re already working in the networking industry, you may be lucky enough to have an employer who supports your certification pursuits and will pay for the exam for you. I was fortunate enough that my employer at the time paid for my CCNA exams and gave me a four-figure raise for doing it!

If you’re paying for them yourself, it may be easier to take the two exams separately. You’ll still be tested over the same material and still pay the same amount in the long run, but it’s easier for many people to be able to spread out the cost over two “payments”, perhaps a few months apart.

Whichever option you choose, good luck! The rest of us can’t wait to welcome you to the wonderful world of Cisco!