Image of Jeremy L. Gaddis, CCNA, CCNP (and Cortney, in case you were wondering)


by Jeremy L. Gaddis

Network Fundamentals

The first of the four CCNA Exploration courses, Network Fundamentals, is designed to introduce students to computer networking. An amazing amount of in-depth technical material is quickly covered to give the student the foundational knowledge he or she will need.

CCNA 1 Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Living in a Network Centric World
  • Chapter 2: Communicating over the Network
  • Chapter 3: Application Layer Functionality and Protocols
  • Chapter 4: OSI Transport Layer
  • Chapter 5: OSI Network Layer
  • Chapter 6: Addressing the Network — IPv4
  • Chapter 7: Data Link Layer
  • Chapter 8: OSI Physical Layer
  • Chapter 9: Ethernet
  • Chapter 10: Planning and Cabling Networks
  • Chapter 11: Configuring and Testing Your Network

Other CCNA Exploration Course Outlines

  • CCNA 2: Routing Protocols and Concepts
  • CCNA 3: LAN Switching and Wireless
  • CCNA 4: Accessing the WAN