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LAB: Using Banner Tokens

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on September 12, 2011 · 0 comments

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Showing device specific information to a user after they have logged in can be very useful. In this lab, you’ll create an exec banner which displays the device’s hostname and domain name to the user after logging in.


You may use any router or switch to complete this exercise. It does not need to be connected to any other devices.

Task 1

Erase any existing startup configuration and reload the device.

Task 2

Set the device’s hostname and domain name to values of your choosing.

Task 3

Set the console password.

Task 4

Create a banner message that will be displayed to the user after he or she logs in. The banner should display the hostname and domain name of the device (and any other text you wish). For a device whose hostname is “core-router” and domain name is “”, the banner message should resemble the following:

You have logged into This system is the property of Free CCNA Labs and is for authorized use only. All communications with this device may be monitored.

Task 5

Exit from the device and log back in, verifying that the banner message was displayed after you logged in.

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