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LAB: Ping This, Ping That

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on September 12, 2011 · 0 comments

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The ping command is a very basic but extremely useful troubleshooting tool in a network engineer’s toolbox. In this exercise, you’ll use ping to check if hosts are online or offline.


You will not need a router or switch to complete this exercise. However, you will need a telnet client. You may use the telnet client that comes with your operating system or download PuTTY (for Microsoft Windows).

Task 1

Establish a telnet connection to the host “” using your telnet client.

Task 2

Log in with the username “rviews”. You will not need to supply a password.

Task 3

At the router prompt, issue the ping command to ping Google’s public DNS servers. Is the host online? What were the minimum, maximum, and average response times?

Task 4

At the router prompt, issue the ping command. Without viewing the router’s configuration, are DNS servers configured on this router? Is the host online?

Task 5

Attempt to access the web page “” in your web browser. Does the page load? How does your answer conflict with the information you gathered about the status of in task 4? What is one possible reason why the pings were unsuccessful but the web page loaded?

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